How to Grow Natural Hair Very Long

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Wash your hair at least once every two weeks-

Although coily and kinky hair does not get dirty as quickly as straighter types, it does not mean that you should go without washing for months. An oily, dirty scalp means that you have buildup. Buildup on the scalp can hinder growth. The average rate of hair growth is about half an inch per month. Make sure your scalp is clean so that it will not stunt your hair growth.

Trim your hair-

Don’t forget to trim your hair. Although you are trying to grow your hair, if you have split ends it will seem as if your hair is not growing. Split ends are detrimental to the health of your hair. They make the hair break off on the ends and look thin. Although it is important to trim, you must not overdo it. If you trim too often, your hair will not achieve any length. You can not achieve any length if you are constantly trimming it away. The key is to use moderation. Trim about an inch of your hair every 6 months. That is more reasonable than trimming once a month. Read more

How to Enhance Your Curls

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There are several methods that I use to enhance my curls. One method I use is twisting my hair in small twists with conditioner. My 4a hair is already curly when wet, so by twisting the hair with conditioner, it allows the curls that already there to set. The reason I do small twists is because my curls are small. If I do big twists, my curls will be bigger. It is a nice look, but it won’t last as long because my natural curls do not have that pattern. After my hair has dried, I take my twists down. This style can last up to one month, but I usually get bored and wash my hair after two weeks.

Another way to enhance your curls is by using the smoothing method. I go through each curl one by one and smoothing it with conditioner. It is sort of like the tightly curly method, except I do not use a demnam brush because it puts to much strain on my hair. I comb each section with a small tooth, bendable comb because it is gentle on my hair. The conditioner sets my hair and allows my style to be bigger and more uniform. Although I love this method, I prefer to do my twist out more rather than the smoothing method because smoothing each curl takes more patience. Going through each and every curl can be rather time consuming.

Also, use a good moisturizing oil on your curls. It helps to decrease tangles and dryness. Using an oil such as coconut oil allows my hair to stay moisturized, diminishing frizz. The great thing about coconut oil is that it absorbs into the hair and does not leave it with a greasy feel unlike other natural oils that I’ve used. Olive oil is great as well. Make sure to detangle you hair really well, use a great natural moisturizing conditioner, and a light oil and you will have soft and smoother well defined curls.

Below is a list of products that you can use alone or with your conditioner to enhance your curls. For maximum results, make sure that you follow the instruction on the bottle. All of these products can be purchased online:

Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream

Curl Junkie Coffee-Coco Curl Creme

Kinky-Curly Curling Custard

CURLS Curl Soufflè

Blended Beauty Curl Styling Lotion

MOP C-Curl Curl Defining Cream

Resources: Secrets to Growing Black Hair Long by Donna Hanover




How to Prevent Frizz

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Anyone who has natural hair knows how annoying frizz can be. Trying to keep our hair frizz free can be quite a challenge, especially with all the elements to worry about. Rain, wind, humidity, and snow, just to name a few, can turn any stretched hair style into major shrinkage city.  There are several options to prevent frizz.

First we have the dreaded silicones. Many hard core naturals try to stay away from silicones because it is said to keep out moisture which the hair needs, but if you are trying to maintain a stretched hair style, moisture can actually be your worst enemy. As long as you use moderation, I don’t see anything wrong with using a product with a light silicone to prevent frizz.  Some silicones are actually water soluble or can be removed without the use of a harsh shampoo. As long as you do not use heavy silicones on a daily basis, it should not be detrimental to the health of your hair.


My preferred method of preventing frizz is the use of natural oils. Combining natural oils together is an amazing frizz buster. My mix has a combination of shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil,  and grape seed oil.  One important tidbit: If you use this mixture on wet hair to seal in moisture, it will cause your hairstyle to be a little frizzy upon take down. Sealing the moisture in with an oil is very good for the natural hair which tends to be very dry, but I find it to be bad if you are looking for great definition. If you are doing a stretched hairstyle, sealing in the moisture will not allow your hair to remain as stretched as possible. The key is to use a mixture of oils on your hair after it has dried with conditioner in it. Don’t forget to use conditioner.  Conditioner is very helpful in preventing frizz.

I only use my mixture of oils to take down my hair after it has already dried  and has already set. If you are not much of a mixtress, you can use store bought products. Just make sure that there is no water contained in the ingredients. Adding water to dry hair causes frizz. Product with natural oils will help to minimize frizz. You can rub a quarter size amount onto all your strands. Don’t use too much though. Using too much oil can turn you into a grease ball and may even cause more frizz. As long as you use a moderate amount, you’ll be fine.

Resources: Secrets to Growing Black Hair Long by Donna Hanover

I’m Back!

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I’ve been out on hiatus for a while due to several issues, but I’m back! I have lots of wonderful hair posts and tips in store for you so continue to check this site out regularly for updates. Now that I have more time for perfect editing, I am aiming for 1-2 posts per day until further notice.

Major Pet Peeve-Hands in My Hair!

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Picture this: You just washed your hair and did twists on your strands and the next day you undo the twists for a gorgeous and big twist out style. You go Read more

7 Reasons to Quit Relaxing and Go Natural

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Scalp Burns and Irritation

Applying and leaving perms and relaxers on for too long can result in scalp irritation or burns. Afterwards, stylists often add products containing alcohol like sprays and hair gels which only further aggravates the scalp causing slow healing and permanent scalp damage.

Scalp irritation should be treated by using a sulfate free shampoo and/or conditioner and gently removing dirt and oil from the area. Applying antiseptic ointment will also aid in the healing process. The irritated area should not be scratched. It will only worsen the irritation.

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Eleven Natural Hair Style Options

March 8, 2011 by  
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-A style done with two uniform strands of hair. It’s a fun easy hairstyle allowing for a more tamed look for any occasion.

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